Travelogue: Taiwan trip 2012 - Cingjing Farm Evergreen Grassland (day 2 part 2)

After Puli Winery, We moved to Cingjing. It took us about 1.5 hour and the ride is really dizzy-ing, it was a lot worse than Genting drive up. But I know it's all worth it once we arrive

Reached Cingjing Nong Chang around 2pm. The weather was super breezy and cloudy, that I don't want to go back at all! Cingjing Farm is somewhat looks like European style Genting. Up in the hill and fresh air all around! Absolutely love this place, love the sheep, love the weather and all

There is a "food centre" besides the farm, you can have a little snack before meeting the sheep

If you have already register your youth card, remember to show it before paying the entrance tickets

youth card holder NTD 80
normal price NTD 160

entering the whole new world of SHEEP and pretty grassland!

Sheeps everywhere. Watch out your steps, their poo is everywhere in the pathway or grassland! My friend used to tell me sheep is ugly and stinky. HELL NO!! They are tame, warm and cute! I don't find them stink at all!
hi sheepies sheepies :)

I was like running around excitedly, wanted to hug them all --". I even talk to them, as if they understand what I am saying. Sheep eat all day long, all the time! As if they live to eat/munch the grass

poor Mr. Lion coz no sheep want to take picture with him. They practically avoid/ ignore him haha :)

Well, hello beautiful scenery!! This place is awesome

and while they are feeding the sheep, I manage to find one that I REALLY LIKE! I try to persuade him (I have strong 6th sense telling me it's a he) to take pic with me and murmuring a lot of thing like how can he be so good looking and cute/ warm! he is my type totally (OMG!!!) he is fair, cuddly, flawless skin and soft warm big belly haha!

Enough with the nonsense :) anyway manage to find a black brownish sheep remind us of yee..yee's soul is always with us somehow, especially when we see pork, pig, boar meat, or any black animals. And here she was with us today photogenic much..

Nice stone palace :) and gift shop inside! bought lots of the sheep key chain with real wool in it!

After spending our time at the farm, we wanted to go to Swiss garden. And we found many sign board saying the direction of the garden. We thought, it wouldn't have been far if there is a sign board we walked and found a nice windmill to camwhore!

It's like a never ending adventure. Once we finished walking past the sheep farm, we were then lead to the forest and SUPER LONG STAIRCASE! 487 steps!

While we see these sign we thought, "Oh my, don't give up it's near!" NO it's NOT NEAR!! you are again deceived! 30 mins later we FINALLY found our 7-11 and Swiss garden!

and SAD TO SAY, by the time we reach Swiss Garden, it is closing in 20 mins! We don't want to pay and rush everything, so decided to give it a miss :( :( found small carton king over there and so the camwhore begins again

It was amazing that everything is made of carton! the rocking horse is STEADY! They even sell room decoration like; colorful lighting made of recycle material. They have a carton king restaurant in the upper level. Chair, tables and the decors are mostly made of cartons. I wasn't hungry back then so we went to Starbucks for a chilling coffee time instead. Last picture before we go :)

and here we are, STARBUCKS on the top of the mountain

we ended up buying 4 cups of coffee, greedy much (ended up stomach bloated)! Because it's Starbucks buy 1 free 1 day! Starbucks in Taiwan often have promo like that.

went back to Sun Moon Lake minsu after the coffee session. Ending the post with a picture of mine in Starbucks :)

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